Miss Budweiser Unlimited Hydroplane

T6 2002

This page contains various pictures of the Bud T6 for modelers who are looking for shots of it.

Most of the shots were taken at the Bud shop in November of 2002

The first series will concentrate on the transom of the boat.

Now a couple of shots that show the drop off on the deck of the outside sponson.

Two shots of the trailer, one of the rear and one of the groove cut in to make the boat fit on tilt.


Now a quick look at a prop, fresh off the cnc machine, not yet sanded to shape. Nore the grooves in it.

Here are some of the extensions that can adjust the depth of the pickles. Sorry about the poor quality photo

A look at the skid fin bracket.

Engines and gear boxes

Slots on the deck that the lift hooks slip into

Water fence on inside of the outside sponson

Fueler and deck cleat

Front of a sponson

Spar Connection

Details of the canopies. Note this is identical on all three boats in the 2000's T3, T5 and T6


Now. the cowling from a number of angles. Note the cutout so that it fits flush with the cockpit in the first pic

Some cockpit front detail shots

T6 Rudder bracket followed by one of the T5 rudder bracket then the T3


The outside non-trip followed by the inside one

And just a couple of running and full boat shots